The Ins And Outs Of Commercial Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems really sell themselves, especially for commercial properties. Commercial irrigation systems provide both convenience and peace of mind. Just as important, they help maintain the health of your commercial landscaping, whether we’re in drought conditions or it’s the time of year for infamous monsoon rains.

Sprinkler systems help control the correct amount of water to the appropriate plant material. They allow your landscape design to be separated by zones into grass, beds and color areas that have different water needs due to varying plant materials and sunlight conditions.

Additionally, today’s commercial irrigation systems use technology that let you set an automatic schedule for your property while still allowing you the option to switch to manual for the unexpected events. The anatomy of an irrigation system contains a combination of heads and controller technology that can be used to create a site-specific system for your commercial property.

For instance, rotors are water heads that work well in large grassy areas. Rotor describes the various sprinklers that operate by rotating streams of water back and forth over the landscape. Pop-up spray heads were designed for smaller spaces such as landscape beds. These small heads usually produce a fan-shaped pattern of water.

Drip irrigation and bubblers work well for pots, planters, urns, trees and flower beds. Controllers are quite sophisticated these days and come with various programs. Rain sensors and water delay features prevent over-watering of your plant material during times of natural rain. In the pre-planning phase, head spacing within an irrigation system is crucial for proper watering coverage. The calculation and specific measuring of head locations are important steps in providing even coverage.

Many systems are divided into circuits, each with its control valve, which is operated by an electronic controller that turns each circuit on and off according to the schedule you desire. The key equation of quality commercial irrigation systems goes like this: good coverage and plenty of valves equal the control that benefits your landscape the best.

When installing an irrigation system, plans and permits are required by some cities. As with all digging, it is important to call for utility line locations first. If you want to install an irrigation system in an established lawn, trenches should be hand-dug so as not to disturb any lines and wiring, including landscape lighting wiring.

If you’re in the building phase, a tree preservation plan may include a temporary irrigation system to water the trees during construction, which sometimes can last a few years. Hand-digging around trees to minimize damage to them and their root systems is a very important part of tree preservation.

Ongoing maintenance is the last critical aspect of an irrigation system. These systems require regular care, such as the replacement of broken heads and stuck valves and the setting of different start times. Before working with any contractor, it is advisable to understand what kind of commercial landscape maintenance service they offer after the installation.

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The Most Fabulous Places to Visit in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful gem, brimming with culinary brilliance and pleasures. Here, there are plenty of succulent choices and a delightful array of dishes to pamper your palate, from spicy curries and juicy grilled pork to fresh giant prawns and straw mushrooms. For more adventurous eaters, exotic finger foods, such as deep-fried beetles and roasted crickets are served at the country’s street stalls. While Thailand has almost everything to delight your taste buds, it is much more than a haven for food lovers.

What makes this country a huge attraction and a beautiful tropical escape is its sheer and splendid landscapes, from the landscaping in Chiang Mai, to the charming rural scenery, fine luxury retreats, and lively streetscapes. Thailand is absolutely the best place to hang out and have fun. Here are some of the most interesting spots that the best Thailand travel tours will surely include in your list of fabulous getaways.

Ko Chang

If you are passionate about wildlife, nature and being outdoors, a trip to Ko Chang is well worth your time. As Thailand’s second biggest island, Ko Chang holds many of nature’s beautiful treasures. A lush jungle filled with exotic species of animals and plants, glistening bays and spectacular sunsets, the Island is one of the richest spots in the country. Indeed, Ko Chang’s richly diverse landscape is home to some of Southeast Asia’s highly coveted and well-preserved natural resources.

Most recently, the island has turned itself into a thriving holiday spot and is slowly moving into the tourist limelight. But despite the fruitful flow of tourism, Ko Chang is still a tranquil place that offers an eclectic mix of entertainment and comforting retreats.

Phang Nga Bay

Not too far from the island of Phuket lies Phang Nga Bay. The bay is one of the most popular scenic spots in the country and serves as a leisure point for travelers and locals alike. Phang Nga Bay is renowned for its pristine and dramatic caves, stunning limestone pinnacles and aquatic grottos. Exciting water sports activities such as sea canoeing give travelers the opportunity to get close to these natural marvels.

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While there are many things that have happened to the world over the years which have clearly had a negative effect, there are also so many other things that have changed the world for the better and helped in such a huge way. When it comes to the internet there is quite a lot of both but here we take a look at one very helpful thing indeed.

The military is a very important part of our country and it is always very important that those wanting to get into the military have the best possible chance of making it. It is very exciting then, that these days, those who want to make it into the military can find everything they need to know about it online and can learn using this amazing Military e-Learning system.

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